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Coming soon; Just for you…

At Healthy By Nature, we are committed to bringing healthy and natural food products from across the world to you. Often times, it is inevitable for our busy schedules to force us to neglect our immunity and wellbeing. Which is why WE’RE bringing these products to YOU! Stay tuned for updates on our newly revealed, soon-to-be released products and balance your lifestyle.
**All products come without any added sugar to ensure your energy intake is optimum and at balance :)
We’re dying to officially release this new line of products and can’t help but give you sneak peek…

Jackfruit Products:

Our first upcoming series of healthy foods is a newbie to the ever-changing food market. Yet, its highly fibrous pulp prevents diabetes and supports maintenance of blood pressure…As long as you make sure to steer clear of those sweet, oily foods as much as you can. This is such a fruit (next clue!) that even though vegetarian, will get you an almost identical taste and feel of a non-vegetarian dish. Healthy By Nature is soon introducing delicacies from…Jackfruit family (TA-DAA XD) and some of them are:

1. Jackfruit Patty to savor your burgers the vegan way

2. Jackfruit Teriyaki ‘cause it’s all the about curry!

3. BBQ Jackfruit that will guarantee a near indistinguishable taste!

4. Jackfruit 65 because we’ll always get you the latest trend ;)

We won’t make you guess…The next one’s a crowd favorite: Goji Berry:

This wonder berry from China has always been considered a national treasure and traditional medicine to avoid infection and improve immunity. We are currently in the process of getting these different variants of Goji Berry as:

Dried Goji Berries and Goji Berry Powder for you!

Along with them, we will also have

1. Acai Powder

2. Matcha Powder

3. Kale Powder

4. Ginger Powder

5. Cranberry Powder

The fun doesn’t stop here, anyone…Now introducing 100% natural HbN masalas, made in the UAE!!! This will be a new beginning for our little community here in UAE to enjoy the spices as part of recipes without post-eating anxiety :)

Stick around to this area and find out what can make ‘live… naturally…’ really worthwhile for you to follow…