Diet During COVID-19 Pandemic

Diet During COVID-19 Pandemic

Diet With Dry Fruits to Immunity Booster

Getting enough sleep and exercising daily is important for your overall health and wellness. You will be heard diet including dry fruits, nuts, veggies, milk, natural immunity boosters is mandatory for our immune system, as it is our body’s natural defense against infection. During Covid-19 we have to give more importance to proper hydration and a balanced diet.

Individuals who follow a well-balanced diet will have a strong immune system. So you should eat an assortment of new and natural food varieties consistently to get the nutrients, minerals, dietary fiber, protein, and more your body requires.

Prepare Food at Home

If you choose to eat out, keeping a social distance will be a big task in restaurants. Hygiene issues also matter, so prepare food at home.

  • Try not to overcook vegetables and fruits as this can prompt the loss of significant nutrients.
  • Intake dark green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and nuts, foods from animal sources, and whole grains.
  • Keep away from sugar, fat, and salt to bring down your danger of overweight, diabetes, heart illness, and stroke.
  • Include less saturated heart-healthy fat foods like vegetable oils, olive oil, nuts, and seeds, etc.
  • Try to have some low-fat dairy products like milk, yogurt every day.

Drink Water & Immunity Boosters

Drink sufficient water as it flushes out all toxins from your body. It transports supplements and mixtures in blood, manages your body temperature, and lubricates.

  • Drink 8–10 cups of water each day.
  • Water is the most ideal decision, yet you can likewise consume different beverages like immunity boosters for better results, leafy foods that contain water, etc.
  • Use natural Immunity booster drinks like honey ginger, honey turmeric, turmeric ginger, matcha powder along with enough water to strengthen your immunity. To know more consider reading immunity-boosting healthy drinks.
  • Don’t consume a lot of caffeine, and keep away from sweetened juices, syrups, as they all contain sugar.

Use Dry Fruits and Nuts

Mostly we choose juicy, sweet fresh fruits; this may lead to high sugar intake. Limit sugar intake by using dry fruits. Dry fruits with no added sugar, frozen fruits are better options.

  • Start your day with dry fruits like soaked raisins or almonds.
  • Dates and walnuts provide vitamins and minerals to boost your immunity for both adults and kids.

Use Spices & Mixed Spices

Spices keep your immune system strong enough against pandemics.

  • Well-known immunity-boosting spice includes turmeric (best flu-fighter, anti-inflammatory properties), pepper (helps in digestive problems), ginger, cardamom (antioxidant and diuretic properties) coriander, cinnamon (powerful antioxidant), and curry leaves.
  • Most spices have antioxidant, antiviral properties, and good for digestive problems.

The benefits of spices never end here. Consider reading also: Magical benefits of spices.

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