Honey Ginger :: Powdered Drink :: No Sugar Added :: 10x10gm Sachets

Product Code:Honey Ginger
  • AED 18.00

Honey Ginger : Product Facts

Country of Origin : Malaysia

Type: Healthy Powdered Drink. 10 x 10g sachets in one box

Shelf Life/Color : 2 Years / Dark Cream

Preservatives / Sugar : No Preservatives / No Sugar Added

Season/ Duration of cultivation: Available all season


Pour one sachet in 150ml hot/cold/warm water, stir well to drink. Add as part of mocktails and to juices to give extra flavour and a healthy twist.

Product Description:

Honey Ginger is powdered health drink which is natural and comes without any added sugar. Made from one of the world’s best Bentong Ginger from Malaysia.

Health Benefits:

Honey Ginger adds a tasty aspect to typical healthy drinks. It detoxifies body, dissolves unnecessary fat cells, boosts immunity, supports to reduce asthma & cold, improves kidney function and relaxes your muscles when you really need that! Start a day with a cup of Honey Ginger and don’t look back!!!

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