Dried Mixed Fruits :: No Sugar Added :: 100gm :: Immunity Booster

Product Code:Dried Mixed Fruits
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Dried Mixed Fruits : Product Facts


Country of Origin : Iran

Type: Healthy Snacks. 100gm in one box

Shelf Life/Color : 1 Year / NA

Preservatives / Sugar : No Preservatives / No sugar added

Season/ Duration of cultivation: Available all season


Perfect as snacks. Add to your daily cereals or give a unique taste to your curries. It can also be a seasoning or flavour enhancer for your delicacies. Also add to your mocktails to give it a bit more crispiness.

Product Description:

What better than a combination of Apple, Persimmon (Kaka Fruit), Plum, Banana and Kiwi add to you snacks bowl! They are air dried to make nutrition concentrate so that you don’t have to buy fruits in big quantity and worry of space in refrigerator! It doesn’t leave spill overs to waste your time cleaning!!! And Healthy By Nature dried fruits come with ‘No Sugar Added’ that makes it a unique product not offered by many in the market.

Health Benefits:

Its start of a new healthy lifestyle to embrace the 'New Normal'. Have your skin glow and be smooth while adding all necessary vitamins for your body.

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