Our Story

Life goes on… with change as the only constant. Technology, Pandemic, Natural Calamities, Traditions, Social Media; you name it! All taking its own part in moulding life that continues to amaze at each moment. With a new world order where fast pace is a way of survival, its normal to miss some fundamental facts of life. But the impact is long standing! And this is where Healthy By Nature wants to make a mark. Growing up in 80s and 90s was not easy when we look back now. There were so many things scarce, or many were luxury compared to current amenities in life. However, there was one key aspect of life that is happiness in abundance. This could be debatable where current generation also could claim happiness in their own perspective. But, the difference between those and current times is mainly the technological advancement that has wrapped everything with a layer of smile while what is actually happening is not visible to outside world. Healthy By Nature comes up from the nostalgic backdrop of 80s and 90s where there were more human motion than media emotions. There were more natural approach to food than the fast food craziness. It’s high time to go back to healthy and natural habits to ensure sustainability than just following latest trends. It may sound so much serious and dull but that’s not the case!!! Started in 2018 as a woman empowered organization to bring best healthy and natural products from across the world to the region, we believe ‘it’s fun to be healthy and happy to be natural’ and all our products are aligned to this philosophy. As a registered trademark with UAE Ministry of Economy, we source from tropical paradises like Malaysia, Thailand, India, Iran etc without compromising in quality, we ensure we have the best healthy and natural items for our patrons. ‘Anything Healthy… Everything Natural’ can be found in our platforms (both online and offline) so that we are never far from you. More and more products and services are added to the categories periodically to keep you engaged and satisfied throughout every aspect of life. Come, explore and Live… Naturally…!