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White Coffee(No Sugar)
White Coffee(No Sugar)
  • Coffee drinking has been blended in our cosmopolitan folks' culture and lifestyle nowadays Do you know, drinking coffee can be healthy too, if you choose the right brand of white coffee?
    Our white coffee is made of pure coffee beans, that is fully imported from India, and they are carefully roasted and then milled into fine flour before we mix it carefully to with pure low fat milk. No artificial flavor is added, nor single drop of food stabilizer too. And we make it sugarless because we believe without sugar makes it healthier.
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    Lemons contain a large amount of Vitamin C and Citric acid. It helps in digestion, promotes blood generation, improves immune system. And by combining with Ginger, which helps in perspiration and toxin elimination from the body, and also promotes metabolism.
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    You can drink or coffee warm or cold by adding in some ice cubes, it is your choice With the authentic aroma of our Robusta coffee beans and low-fat milk comes good mouthfeel of our White Coffee - you would find it enjoyable with each cup, for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or a cup before you go to bed
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    Just need to add in about 150m1 warm water per sachet of OC Concept White Coffee, you can immediately enjoy it without worrying about calories as we've taken sugar out of our white coffee If you are a fan of sweet type of white coffee, we recommend you to add in a table spoon of our dates powder or Kurma powder, a stone that kills two birds in one go, it helps to sweeten the white coffee naturally and it is also rich in fiber instead of a table spoon of sugar
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    You've just made the right choice to drink OC Concept White Coffee, as drinking coffee now can be healthy, too!
White Coffee(No Sugar)