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Kurma(Palm Dates)
Kurma(Palm Dates)
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    Complete Nutrition For Your Bones
    As people age, bone density and strength will also decrease. Dates contain mineral resources as well as selenium, magnesium, manganese and copper, the fifth substance is a nutrient that is needed for healthy bones and can fight bone loss or osteoporosis.
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    Quick Energy Enhancer
    At the end of a person's labor activity, fatigue and lethargy are quite a norm. These problems are quite common to all people. Dates contain natural sugar levels that are high enough (glucose, sucrose and fructose) and is beneficial to restore the body's energy drained during the daytime physical activities.
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    Effective Anemia Antidotes
    Dates fruit contains substantial amount of iron in the fruit. So, it is good for those who often develop symptoms of anemia or lower blood counts.
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    Healthy Digestive System-
    Dates contain a soluble fiber and beneficial amino acids that help the process of digestion to take place better and more efficiently. And it helps to relief the digestive system of an individual at the same time.
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    Treating Constipation with Ease
    When the symptom of constipation appears or constipation becomes a severe problem for some people, consuming large amount of Dates (which contains substantial amount of fibers) can relieve and overcome constipation naturally.
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    Optimizing Your Brain performance
    Dates is one of the best foods for your brain. It is because dates contain potassium which helps to increase the health of your brain and improve in your analytical aspects.
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    Healthy heart-Dates
    A healthy heart-Dates contain large amount of potassium, which helps to prevent a person from risk of stroke attack and other heart related diseases.
Kurma(Palm Dates)
  • Can be used in baking as a replacement for sugar in some recipe.
  • The dates used are naturally dried and no additonal sugar is added to retain its nutrients.