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Honey Ginger Tea
Honey Ginger Tea
8 Health benefits of drinking honey ginger tea
  • 1
    Stomach Problems
    Relieves stomach gases, stomach bloating and promotes blood flows
  • 2
    Relieves fatiguness, lethargy, insomnia
  • 3
    Relieves affects of alcohol, hangover
  • 4
    Improves in metabolism
    Improves in metabolism, by increasing the secretion of gastric juices and saliva, and improved digestion. Thus, it also helps to a certain extent in body slimming.
  • 5
    Relieves edema and water retention in the body
  • 6
    Regulate mensturation
    Help to regulate mensturation, relieves menstrual pain and helps to the body to recover after giving birth.
  • 7
    Helps in detoxification process
    Helps in detoxification process by promoting blood flows and sweating.
  • 8
    It helps in anti-motion sickness (bus or car sickness).
Honey Ginger Tea
  • The ginger comes from a highland area called Bentong, thus the name Bentong Ginger which is known for its medicinal value and locals have high regards for this ginger.