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    Improve blood circulation
    Lemons contain high anti-oxidants, soluble vitamins and can effectively improve blood circulation, and by combining ginger the effect would be more. By consuming this regularly, it helps to improve memories and also body responses.
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    Helps in digestion
    Lemons contain a large amount of Vitamin C and Citric acid. It helps in digestion, promotes blood generation, improves immune system. And by combining with Ginger, which helps in perspiration and toxin elimination from the body, and also promotes metabolism.
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    Hardening of blood vessels
    Lemon Ginger tea can help to minimise the hardening of blood vessels, helping to stengthen cardiovascular vessels, improved on hypertension and low blood pressure.
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    Help in digestion
    Lemon juices promotes secretion of gastric juices in breaking down proteins, strengthening gastrointestinal peristalsis, and with the help also from ginger which promoites saliva secretion, this lemon ginger tea will help in digestion.
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    Helpful in treating cold
    Ginger is helpful in treating cold and stomach gases, cough, and headaches. With the help of rich Vitamin C from Lemons that improves body immune system, Lemon-Ginger tea helps to fight flu and running nose, thus recovery speed would be higher.
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    promote blood circulation
    With the presence of ginger, it helps to promote blood circulation, relieving fatigueness and insomnia.
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    Optimizing Your Brain performance
    Dates is one of the best foods for your brain. It is because dates contain potassium which helps to increase the health of your brain and improve in your analytical aspects.
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    kidney stone problem
    Lemons containes large amount of acid salts, and one of them is acidic potassium salt which can inhibit formation of calcium salt, thus preventing formation of kidney stone, for patients with kidney stone problem, by drinking this lemon-regularly, it helps to minimise and eliminates this problem.
  • Can be used in baking as a replacement for sugar in some recipe.
  • The dates used are naturally dried and no additonal sugar is added to retain its nutrients.